Windows 7 product key

Windows 7 Professional Product Key- Activation Guide

Though Windows developers have launched various new versions of Windows OS, Windows 7 is still favorite to some users. Windows 7 is fast, smooth, and reliable, and also comes with only fewer chances of glitches. However, finding out the Windows 7 Professional product key to activate your operating system can be a difficult task. But here I have given a list of free Windows 7 professional product key that will help you activate your product.

If you are using a pirated version of Windows or don’t want to try out a purchased version yet, a free serial number is what you need. So, check out the post and find what you are searching for. Also, here I have shared the original steps for activating Windows 7 with a product key.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key

Your Windows 7 serial number is a 25-digit alphanumeric code that helps you activate your copy of Windows. And it will look like XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. This product key needs to be genuine and unique, otherwise, you cannot activate your OS license. The serial key verifies your copy of Windows OS and at the same time, it activates your operating system.

A product key is needed to keep your Windows updated and running. It also decreases the chance of encountering unnecessary error codes and glitches. But, you have to find out how to activate Windows 7 using a free product key.

Windows 7 product key

How to Get a Windows 7 Professional Product Key?

To activate your copy of Windows, all users have to provide a genuine and valid Windows 7 professional key. As said earlier, Microsoft needs to validate the authenticity of your product key before they activate your product. So, there are two legal ways to get your activation key-

  • You can purchase an original copy of Windows professional and a unique product key will come along with the package
  • You can use a free product key from the list I have given here.

Here are some working keys that you can try. If these don’t work, come back again because we update our database daily.













Two Working Methods of Activating Windows 7

There are two easy methods to activate your Windows 7-

Method 1- Use the Internet

  1. Go to Properties
  2. A new window will pop up, click on Activate Windows now
  3. Then click on Activate windows online now
  4. They will ask you to enter a product key
  5. Enter the key you have or find one from the list given here
  6. Then follow the on-screen instructions by clicking Next and complete the process

Method 2- Use your Phone

You can use your mobile phone to activate your Windows 7 copy-

  1. Go to Properties from My Computer and click on Activate Windows now
  2. Click on Show me other ways to activate
  3. Then enter your product key and click Next
  4. Click on automated phone system and provide your admin password
  5. Set your location and click Next
  6. There will be a set of numbers that you have to dial to activate your Windows.
  7. Follow the instructions to complete the process

Activate Windows Without a Product Key

If you don’t want to use any of the keys we have given or in case they are already used and you are waiting for new ones, you can try other methods. These methods will help you activate your Windows 7 operating system but without a product key. The processes are simple and less time-consuming. Also, you won’t have to purchase a Windows 7 professional but you can do the job nonetheless. Read this section carefully as I have mentioned different methods to activate Windows without a product key.

Step 1- Delete an SLUI File

Do you know where the SLUI file is located on your computer? Then, you will have to find it out first. Don’t worry. I have demonstrated the whole process here.

  1. Navigate to the folder where your Windows information is located. It is usually in our computer’s C drive, C:/Windows
  2. Inside the Windows folder, there is a System 32 folder
  3. Open System 32
  4. From the search bar option, search for the file
  5. Type “SLUI” and hit Enter
  6. The SLUI file will appear.
  7. Select the file and delete it
  8. Deleting this file means deleting your previous Windows activation record
  9. If you are unable to delete the file, then make yourself the owner of the file and try again

Here is how you can be the ‘owner’ of the SLUI file-

  1. Right-click on the SLUI file from your File Manager
  2. Open its Properties
  3. A new window will appear where you will have to click on the Security tab
  4. Click on Advanced and more options will appear
  5. A new window will appear where you will have to click on the Owner tab
  6. There will be an option that will help you select the current user as the owner of the file
  7. Then, click on the Apply button and close all windows
  8. Go back to File Manager
  9. Open C:/Windows > System32 folder again
  10. Then right-click on the SLUI file
  11. Open its Properties
  12. Open the security tab as mentioned earlier
  13. Click on Users
  14. Select Edit
  15. Grant full permission for the current user by turning on ‘full control.’
  16. Close all tabs and windows
  17. Find the SLUI file and delete it

After doing this, you will be able to activate Windows 7 without using the Windows 7 product key. Below are the important steps to learn about.

Step 2- Use Command Prompt

You won’t need a Windows 7 professional product key in order to activate your Windows version. By following these steps, you can do that easily.

  1. Click on the Start icon
  2. And the Run box will appear if you press Win+R together
  3. Or type Run in the blank box
  4. Enter CMD in the Run box
  5. A new window will come up where you will have to type the commands
  6. In the command prompt box, type ‘slmgr –rearm’
  7. Press Enter
  8. Wait sometimes before rebooting your computer
  9. Again, follow the steps from 1 to 5 and type ‘slmgr –ato’ in CMD
  10. Press Enter and read the prompts come in your computer

After following these steps properly, your desktop will say, ‘You have successfully activated Windows.’ Here you solve all your Windows 7 product key-related problems. Read the FAQ section to know more.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key- Activation Guide


How to get Windows 7 for free?

You can always download the Windows 7 copy from Microsoft’s official website. But to use the product properly, you will have to purchase a genuine serial key. If you have brought a computer with Windows 7 pre-installed, you can use the serial key that came along.

Can I migrate Windows 7 version to my other computer?

If you have bought the Microsoft Windows 7 retail card from your local store, then you can move the Windows version to another system. But that will require you to delete the previous Windows version. However, you can only use the license in one computer at a time. In fact, when you use the same product key on a different machine, the new system will be activated with Windows 7 professional product key. But the old system will lack Windows 7 features as you have moved the license and deactivated it.

The license will be efficient for both 32 and 64 bit systems. In case you are dealing with an OEM license, then you can’t move the version of Windows to a new computer. That is not possible because these licenses tend to be non-transferable. And you will have to purchase another copy of Windows to use it on the new machine. You can use the telephonic method to reactivate Windows-

  1. Go to Start and type slui.exe4
  2. Then hit Enter
  3. Choose your Country/Region
  4. There is an option called Phone Activation
  5. Select it
  6. Now a number will pop-up on your screen which you will have to dial to talk to a Microsoft agent
  7. Now you will be able to activate your Windows using the Phone activation method.

What if I don’t activate Windows?

If you don’t activate Windows, you will be still able to use the product. But that will come with many bugs and glitches. When your Windows activation expires, Microsoft constantly asks you to activate your Windows version. You won’t if you don’t want but that will leave your PC vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Moreover, you will receive a notification that your Windows product isn’t genuine. So, it is better to activate your system with Windows 7 professional product key and enjoy its features and functions.

How to install Windows 7 without a serial number?

If you don’t have a Windows 7 professional product key, you won’t be able to activate the product. However, you can download the Windows 7 ISO image from the official Microsoft website and install it on your computer.

These methods are guaranteed to work when you have a product key. If you encounter any problem during the process, do drop us a comment below and for information about Windows 10 and Windows 8 product key you can check out our other post.

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