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Easy Ways to Install Exodus Kodi Add-On

Who does not love watching free movies and TV shows? And the best platform to watch all these is Kodi. It gives you access to millions of movies online without having to spend a single penny on it. However, it does not give you free access to thousands of movies without an effort. For Kodi, users download various add-ons. These are important for watching certain categories of movies and all. I will teach you how to install Different methods for installing Exodus add-on on Kodi. So, follow the entire post and find out more about Exodus Kodi add-on.

Easy Ways to Download Exodus Kodi Add-On

Before You Install Exodus

Kodi is not an illegal media player. In fact, there are many users who prefer Kodi over anything. However, when you are using an addon like Exodus or similar other addons, you should definitely use a VPN. To not let your government track your internet activities and send you copyright infringement notices for streaming videos online, you should use a VPN.

Important Features of Exodus

There are so many reasons why Exodus is the best Kodi icon available. Here are the reasons-

  • You can view scrapers sources
  • Exodus gives great technical assistance in need
  • You can easily manage your Playlist from Queue
  • Exodus supports Trakt, Premiumize integration, Alldebrid, PRNet, Ororo TV, Real-Debrid

If you create a free account with Trakt or Real-Debrid, you can watch free TV shows or movies with Exodus.

Methods for Using Exodus on Kodi Addon

There are multiple ways one can install Exodus addon. You can install the tool from the following repositories-

  1. XvBMC repo (Exodus Kodi update)
  2. Cyper’s Locker repo
  3. Kodil repo
  4. Smash repo

These repositories are a safe source to download Exodus and to install the tool, follow the given steps-

  1. Open your Kodi media player
  2. Visit System>File Manager
  3. Click on ‘Add Source’ from File Manager
  4. Click on ‘None’
  5. Type ‘http://a47b.cyper-media/coldfirerepo’
  6. Click on Done and tick on any of the boxes given below the media source.
  7. Then click on OK
  8. Go to System>Add-Ons from Homescreen and select ‘install from zip file’
  9. Select http://a47b.cyper-media/coldfirerepo again
  10. Now pick the from on-screen
  11. Now go with the installation method
  12. From that Zip file, you will have to install agent47 repo and after that, go back to System>Add-ons screen
  13. Now, click on ‘Install from repository’
  14. The Locker’s repo will come in your list where you will have to locate the Exodus addon
  15. Now, click on the installation button

If this installation method does not work for you, you can always try out the other two methods.

XvBMC Repo Method

From XvBMC, you can install the latest version of Exodus and that takes 3 simple steps-

  1. Open your Kodi media player and go to its home screen
  2. Navigate to System>File Manager>Add Source
  3. Go to Source and select None
  4. Type

Now the installation process is as same as the steps given in the previous section (follow steps 5-14). Now you will be able to enjoy Exodus on Kodi and watch free movies and TV shows.

Smash Repo Method

Once you are able to install Exodus from the said repositories, you can install it from other repositories as well. And the process is easy and straightforward.

  1. Open Kodi and directly visit its Home Screen
  2. Go to System > File Manager > Add Source from the device you installed Kodi
  3. Go to Source and click None
  4. Type the repository name

Now the rest of the process is as same we have discussed before. And that is how it is easy to install Exodus on your Kodi device. If you are interested in installing Exodus from Kodil repo, you will have to follow the same steps. Only, use the directory for this purpose.

If you own a Firestick, you can install Exodus Kodi as well. But for that, you will have to follow a different method. Let’s check out the next section-

Installing Exodus Kodi Add-on On Fire Stick

Users are able to play free movies and TV shows on their Amazon Fire Stick device. And you can use your home WiFi network to browse through free content. So, if you want to install this Kodi add-on on your Firestick device, follow the below steps-

  1. Open your Amazon Firestick device and open its Settings window which you will find in the main screen
  2. Open the Applications menu and go to the Manage Installed Applications section
  3. And when another screen appears, click on Kodi there
  4. Now, go to the Kodi settings and visit File Manager > Add Source

Now after following these steps, select your favorite repository and follow steps 5-14 given in the installation methods.

Countries Where Exodus Not Available

Since Exodus offers pirated content, there are some countries that have banned this Kodi addon. It is a third-party tool and that could lead to legal troubles against you if not used correctly.

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. France
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. Canada

If you are staying one of these states and still want to install Exodus, you can go ahead and follow the installation methods given in earlier sections of this post. But if you are looking for an Exodus alternative that will offer you free streaming to movies and TV shows, you can use Covenant.

Avoid Using Exodus from the MetalKettle repo

The account holder of the repository has informed the users that the latest version of Exodus is not safe to use on devices. So, since this contains risk and community guidelines, avoid installing the addon. But if you still insist, the installation methods are available to you.

What If Exodus Kodi Won’t Work on your Device?

Many users have reported the ‘Exodus Kodi Not Working’ error. But like any other error messages, this also has some easy solutions.

Watch Videos from the 1970s and Earlier

That’s the biggest problem for Exodus users. You can only watch videos from the 1970s and earlier years. But that is not a problem because you can remove it if you want. All you have to do is setting the date and time on your Kodi device. 1970 has already been set up to it by default. And if you don’t change the date, you will have to browse through a pile of old videos.

Can’t Find Streams

This happens due to two reason,

  • Your country does not support Exodus
  • The video content is not available on public websites

In the case of the first point, use a VPN. But in the case of the second point, you can either wait for it to go public or simply browse for different content.

Exodus shows you content that is publicly available. So, if a TV show or movie is not available, Exodus will show you the ‘no streams available’ message. However, these days Exodus is not available anymore. So, you can use its amazing alternative Covenant for Kodi instead.

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