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How To Fix Google Play Error df-dferh-01? (7 Solutions)

Android has emerged as an affordable and easier operating system. It is known for its flexibility amongst millions of users all around the globe. However, Android also faces errors while upgrading or downloading different apps from the Google Play Store.

One such error we will discuss today is google play Error df-dferh-01. This error is experienced on almost all versions of Android on different TVs, OEM phones, and smartwatches; updating apps, Reviewing apps, or even initiating a subscription may sometimes trigger the issue. Some users experienced this while redeeming their points on the Google Play Store.

4 Causes of The Google Play Error df-dferh-01

Although there can be many underlying causes, the major reasons behind the google play Error df-dferh-01 are listed below:

1. Missing Essential Permissions

It can trigger google play error df dferh 01. When the Google Play Store tries to retrieve information from the main DNS server error, and if the Play Store itself or any of its dependencies, like Google Play store Services, lack the compulsory permissions on the phone, this error will occur.

2. Disabling Vital Apps

Disabling vital Apps is another trigger for the google play Error df-dferh-01. Suppose any applications critical for the background processes of the Google Play Store are deactivated on the phone Google Services Framework. In that case, the Google Play Store will experience this error.

3. Outdated Device

If the device on which the Google play store is being used is Outdated or even if Google Play Store itself is not upgraded, this server information recovery error will occur. It mainly occurs because the data packets are mismatched with Google Server, causing the google play error df dferh 01.

4. App Corruption

If the data, cache, or installation of the Google Play Store and Google-related apps is corrupt, then the essential modules cannot be accessed by the Play Store, causing this error.

If the Operating system of the Android device is corrupt due to the Textra Desktop App, the Play Store will fail to reach the essential components needed for the aligned operations of the Play Store.

How to Fix Google Play Error df-dferh-01? (7 Solutions)

Now let’s discuss different fixes for the google play store Error df-dferh-01 so you can troubleshoot swiftly.

1. Clear The Cache 

A corrupted or old cache and data are the biggest reasons for Google Play Store errors. So, deleting the cache is a wise decision to eliminate any google related errors, such as the Google Chrome Error Code 5?, including Error DF-DFERH-01.

To clear the cache for Google Play Services, follow the steps below:

To clear the cache for Google Play Store, follow the steps below:

2. Restart The Android Device

The most basic resolving technique for many errors is to restart the Android phone. But before you opt for this troubleshooting process, ensure the error does not result from the Google service outage.

Press the power button and hold till the phone restarts. It will take around 30 seconds.

If you own a Samsung device, you will press and hold the power and volume down buttons until the restart begins. It will take around 10 seconds.

3. Enable The Google Services Framework on the Device

Google Services Framework is a critical constituent of the operating system for Android, which is critical for the smooth operations of the Google Play Store. If this component is deactivated on the Android device, it triggers the google play store Error df-dferh-01 and the Err_Http2_Protocol_Error. You can only enable Google Services Framework to eliminate the error in this case.

4. Reinstall Play Store

One easy way to optimize the app store and disable all the errors, including “google play error retrieving information from server df-dferh-01,” is to reinstall the play store.

5. Look For The Google Play Updates

Although the error “google play error retrieving information from server df dferh-01” already triggers. At the same time, the user checks for updates; it can also pop up when trying to install the Cash App For PC. In this case, look for the Play Store’s new updates. 

Although this process renders automatically, it may be set to a manual setting on some devices. For in case of using mobile data for internet connection. In this case, update it manually as under

Alongside the play store updates, keep a check on the Android Updates. For these updates, go to Settings and get the scroll-down menu. Here in the About option and look for android updates. Download the updates if available.

6. Treat The Play Store Manually

There are some manual controls for treating the play store. Some of These are:

To apply these remedies, sometimes, you need to apply the safe mode for the phone as mentioned below:

7. Reset the Google account

One way to eliminate the error is resetting the account. Carry out the following steps:

After rebooting, the device will automatically direct you to sign in to the new account or go to the Account options to log into the new account.


Google play error df-dferh-01 fixing is not a big deal if you can handle it with a good approach. Know the underlying causes so you can pick the best possible solution according to the circumstances and underlying causes. We have suggested multiple solutions to entertain the maximum number of readers.

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