Windows 7 is now an older and obsolete version of the operating system but many people still prefer to use this version. The reason of Windows 7 still being popular is that it comes with less complicated users’ interface and is much easy to use. However, finding the Windows 7 serial key these days is proving to be a difficult task.There are some hacks and procedure to follow that helps in getting windows 7 serial key for free.

Windows 7 Product Key 32-64bit [Updated]

How to Find Windows 7 Serial Key?

Users currently running Windows 7 on their PC, need to activate their copy of Windows 7 serial key with a working Windows 7 serial number. For this you have to follow few simple steps:-

  • You can easily search for a Windows 7 product key finder program on the web for free
  • Now download and install the program on the current system that you want to activate Windows 7 serial key
  • Run it on your system and grant all the permissions required to run properly.
  • The software will provide you with a working product key that you can use.

How Does a Windows 7 Serial Key Look Like?

Since the Windows 7 operating system is one of the oldest Windows versions, the serial keys have become a rare search query on the internet. So, it is rather difficult for the users to find out a working product key that will activate the Windows OS. An ideal Windows 7 serial key consists of a 25-character alpha-numeric code that looks like this:-


The reason for developing the key like this is to verify the copy of your Windows. And without a genuine product key, the activation will be denied and your access to latest features will be revoked. Moreover, an outdated OS is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and viruses.

Windows 7 Product Key 32-64bit [Updated]

Activate Windows 7 Without a Product Key

In case you don’t want to go through all the hassle,follow these simple steps-

Delete the SLUI file:

  1. Visit the C Drive and open the System 32 folder
  2. Find the ‘SLUI‘ file, use the search option on top of File Manager
  3. Delete the file because it contains Windows 7 key
  4. Right-click on the file and open Properties
  5. A setting menu will appear where you have to select the Security tab and then select Users
  6. Hit the Advanced button
  7. A new window will show up for Advanced security settings for SLUI
  8. Now, hit the Owner tab and then select a user as owner (the current user)
  9. Click Apply
  10. Now close everything and go back to the System 32 folder with the SLUI file
  11. Open Properties by right-clicking on it
  12. Visit the Security tab again and select Users
  13. Then click on Edit button
  14. From the next window, click on edit Permissions for the current user
  15. Click username and tick on the Full Control box to allow the permission
  16. Click OK and close all the windows except for the System 32 folder
  17. Now delete the SLUI file and follow the next steps

These were the initial steps and after performing them, you need to do the following-

  • Go to your local C Drive and click on Computer
  • Then open the System 32 folder
  • And make sure you have deleted the SLUI file
  • Press the Windows logo key and type cmd
  • Choose Run as Administrator
  • Type slmgr –rearm and hit Enter
  • Restart your PC
  • Once your system restarts, open Command Prompt again and type slmgr –ato
  • Hit Enter again
  • Now that you have successfully activated Windows 7 use it as per your need. You can visit our daily magazine for any assistance in activating Windows 8 .

Activate Windows with Command Prompt

  • Press Windows Logo Key from your keyboard and type CMD
  • Then, from the search results, right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.
  • Click on Yes if asked for additional permission
  • As Command Prompt opens type slmgr –rearm command
  • Hit Enter and restart your PC
  • After your PC restarts, open CMD again and type slmgr –ato
  • Hit Enter
  • After this, your Windows will be successfully updated.

How Else Can I Get Windows Product Key for Free?

There are other ways of getting free Microsoft windows product key, if you are not in for spending big bucks. Here are some of the methods:-

Buy A Computer with Windows Pre-installed

The easiest way to get Windows 7 without the serial key is by buying a new or second hand computer with a pre-installed operating system. It does not include purchasing of serial key includes, no Windows setup, hence there is no additional hassle.Your system comes with a pre-installed version of the windows so that it can perform nicely.

Downgrade Your Windows Version

If you have a Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8 PC, you can downgrade it to Windows 7 version. According to the Windows license agreement, you can downgrade your Windows version anytime you want to and you don’t need to bother for a Windows 7 product key.

Windows 7 Product Key 32-64bit [Updated]


Can a Windows DVD/CD get me a product key? NO, you won’t be able to get windows 7 serial key from windows DVD/CD. The windows DVD/CD may come with the latest version of windows product key.

Can the same Windows 7 serial key be used twice in a different machine? NO, you cannot use the same windows 7 serial key twice be it same device or multiple devices. Though you can download the same version from one system to other without entering the key, otherwise known as the pirated version.

Can I get Windows 7 for free?
You can download Windows 7 for free from Microsoft website only if you already have the 25-digit product key. If you have the product key, go to ‘’ and follow the instructions given to download Windows 7 for free.

What is the windows 7 ultimate product key?
The Windows 7 Ultimate product key is a 25-digit code containing a combination of numbers and alphabets in the form of XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. It is used to activate Windows 7 to ensure optimum utilization of your operating system.

Can I use Windows 7 without a product key?
Yes, you can use Windows 7 without a product key. However, you will constantly receive prompts to activate it and you will have limited access to features of Windows 7. Also, you won’t receive software updates including security updates from Microsoft. Hence it is advisable to use an activated version of Windows 7.

How do I permanently fix Windows 7 is not genuine?
If your Windows 7 license expires or due to some other glitches, your desktop screen can become black and show the message – ‘Windows 7 is not genuine’. You can resolve the issue by following these instructions –

  1. Go to Start Menu.
  2. Search ‘windows update’
  3. Select ‘windows update’ under Programs
  4. Click ‘View installed updates’
  5. Right click on update KB971033 and select uninstall
  6. Restart your computer after uninstalling the program
  7. Again, go to Start Menu
  8. Search ‘cmd’
  9. Right click on cmd and select ‘run as administrator’
  10. It will launch a floating Command Prompt
  11. Type ‘slgmr -rearm’ in the floating command prompt and press enter
  12. Click on OK in the confirmation window
  13. Restart the computer once again if the message is still there repeat the above steps about cmd and type in ‘slgmr /rearm’ instead of ‘slgmr -rearm’
  14. Your desktop background will now be a black screen which you can change by right clicking on empty space on screen and choosing Personalization option.

What happens if Windows 7 is not genuine?
If the Windows 7 you are using is not genuine, then your desktop will show the message that it isn’t genuine on your background. Also, you will constantly receive prompts to rectify the problem. Using Windows 7 which is not genuine can reduce the efficiency of your system and make it prone to security threats. Hence, it is advisable to only use a genuine Windows 7 serial key.

How do I remove software licensing popup in Windows 7?

The software licensing popup in windows 7 is a part of the Windows not genuine message and you can remove it by following the steps given in that question easily.

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