There are so many free movie apps available on the internet but most of them come with a lot of advertisements, virus and malware; also the paid secure version is costly. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford that. In some countries, some movie streaming apps come with affordable subscriptions. There are some best free movie apps out there that will not require you to pay for watching movies. Not only movies though, but you can also watch TV shows and dramas without having to spend a penny. However, there are so many apps out there that claim to offer movies and TV shows for free. But the question is how many of them really work?

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Today, we will give you some tips for using best free movie apps on your Windows and Android as well as in iOS.

How Do Free Movie Apps Work?

The majority of the movie apps contain a built-in feature that searches for content in various sources. And after finding your preferred content, they play it in the apps media player. These free apps earn their income by using ad-based file-hosting sites like Torrent. These sites play ads when the user access to their files and they give a small percentage of the earings to the owners of the content.

When you use a free movie app on your device, you will find most of them come with a huge range of ads. But these ads don’t usually hamper users’ viewing experience. Most of the ads appear when you click on the media or refresh the dashboard. You can use adblockers and script blockers if you find the ads too annoying. But doing so will be problematic for the app owners as it limits their income.

What Are the Best Free Movie Apps for PC?

Here I have listed 10 best free movie apps that are free of cost and do not come with any unnecessary viruses. But there are some apps that also claim that they don’t contain any harm, eventually end up infecting your devices. Hence, it is better to choose the right app beforehand.

Based on my user experience I have come across some apps that provide quality content. So I would rather go for big library size, quality streaming, rather than popularity. The apps that I have included here cover things that are important. And that includes battery consumption, RAM usage, internet bandwidth, and more. So, among these apps, you can find out which one would be the most suitable for you.

No. 1- SHOWBOX for PC

One of the most popular free movie apps from our best free movie apps list is Showbox that comes with a huge movie library. All you need to do is just installing Showbox on whatever device you are using. Here I have given the highlighted features of Showbox that make it a great popular app for movie buffs.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Easy to use interface

Showbox has arranged everything clearly and in an innovative way. There is a menu bar at the top from where you can choose whether to play movies or TV shows.

News section

You can find out the latest updates about upcoming movies and more in the news section.

Watch trailers

There is a trailer feature out there that help you watching movie trailers of new movies. So, you don’t have to browse for trailers at YouTube; you can directly do it from Showbox.


You can still bookmark your favorite movies and shows so that you don’t lose them later. You can find out your favorite content from this section.

Use offline

When you have access to a wifi connection or you have a data connection on your mobile, you can download your favorite video content. And later watch them in the offline mode when you have no internet connection.


  • Showbox offers more smart features than most of the free movie streaming apps
  • It supports subtitles of multiple languages
  • Comes with a large library of movies and TV shows
  • New content every day
  • Consumes low amount of device battery energy


  • Streaming quality is not that good, only loads up to 720p resolution
  • Comes with pop up ads


Terrarium Tv offers a wide range of movies and TV shows to its viewers. And they do not ask anything in return. Terrarium TV offers high-quality HD movies and is suitable for 4.0 or higher Android Devices. However, this movie app is not as good as Showbox, therefore this app is second in our best free movie apps list and they do not share that much in common. But Terrarium Tv also features a Favorite tab where you can save your favorite shows. Like Showbox, it also features a great clean interface which is also very easy to use.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows


  • Loads fast and smooth
  • Provides 1080p and 720p streaming quality for videos
  • Updates their content library regularly


  • You can download movies on Terrarium TV
  • Comes with a great number of ads
  • Uses more than 50MB of RAM


MEGABOX is one of the most popular free movie apps that also features a great library, and ranks third in our list of best free movie apps. Here you find all the latest movies and TV shows. Let’s have a quick look at its best features-

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Great Interface

Megabox offers a fast and smooth streaming experience to the users and also comes with a nice interface. Moreover, it comes with zero lags and a fast response that makes it look like you are using a premium application.


Megabox provides so much information about the latest movies and TV shows. It shows a synopsis of the video content, their IMDB rating, as well as the date it was released. Moreover, you can even browse your favorite content by their genre and release date. So, Megabox is worth a try.


Megabox also helps you create your own list based on your favorite movies and TV shows. You can freely manage your “to watch” list on Megabox.

Use offline

You can download and save your favorite Tv shows or movies when you have a stable internet connection. And then watch your downloaded items when you don’t have an internet connection. Your downloaded content is easily accessible through the Downloads tab.


  • Megabox updates their movies library constantly
  • They allow you to view your favorite shows offline
  • The size of the app is lower than 5 MB


  • Comes with a great number of ads
  • You can only stream videos of 720p picture resolution


CINEMABOX HD offers a huge load of free movies and TV shows in HD. And the best thing is, this one is available for both iOS and Android. Apart from so many free high definition movies to watch, there are other features that you might want to check out too, making this app fourth in our best free movie apps list.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Cool user interface

The app offers a great organized interface to the users. Moreover, you don’t have to create an account to enjoy movies here. The app looks and works like a premium app that is actually free. It offers movies sorted in various categories.

Various streaming sources

Cinemabox HD comes with the ability to change streaming hosts. So, you have lower chances of encountering errors while streaming. And when one host does not work, you have the opportunity to view another. So, you will be able to watch all the movies you are willing to.

Safe for children

You can block adult content so that your children don’t get to access them. So, it is a safe app for children as well.

Offline usage

You can download your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you want. And then watch them while you are offline.


  • Supports multiple languages subtitles
  • Safe app for children
  • Offline mode is also available
  • You can view videos with 1080p and 720p stream quality


  • Comes with ads


VIEWSTER does not only allow you watching movies, but it also gives you access to various blogs and articles. And you can install Viewster on Android and iOS. The videos that Viewster offers are mainly anime but there are other categories available too.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Easy to use interface

The first thing you get to see after opening this app is their latest videos. There is a search bar at the top where you can find your preferred videos or you can also browse the categories.


With Viewster, you can browse various channels and the channels are available in three categories. You can search from trending, most recent, and all. Hence, this feature helps you access all the popular movies and TV shows with ease.

Read blogs

Viewster features various blog content to offer to its users. But most of the blogs they offer are anime-related.

My videos

My videos and my favorite tab is similar. In the My Videos section, you get to see updates from the channels you are following. And the History tab allows you to browse through the content you have already watched.


  • You can view videos in 1080p and 720p stream quality
  • You can even change the video streaming quality while watching a video
  • The app comes in a small size


  • Not much variety of content available


Many movie buffs use Popcorn time these days not because it is available for Windows, iOS, and Android but also for many other reasons. The movie app is also known as the Netflix of torrents.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Excellent Interface

Popcorn Time comes with an easy to navigate interface and you can find almost everything about it from the main page. You will get access to the top bar from the screen where you can search for content. And it also offers various categories which you can find from their menu button.


Save your favorite video content in the Favorite list of Popcorn Time.

Browse content offline

Like most of the brilliant movies apps, you can browse content offline. Just make sure to download them before you turn your Internet off.


  • Popcorn TV offers videos of 1080p and 720p streaming quality
  • They update their library on a regular basis
  • Offers fast servers and fast torrents
  • Provides offline usage
  • Consumes less battery


  • Some movies claimed they appear in HD but that is not true
  • Uses so much of RAM
  • Mostly relies on torrent


SnagFilms mainly focuses on documentaries and independent movies. So, you can find 5,000 titles in their huge library. Moreover, this app also comes with fewer ads that make it worth a shot.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Nice-looking interface

SnagFilms come with a very interesting interface that looks premium and modern. On the main page, you can view their featured films and relevant categories. And there is a search bar at the top of the main page where you can search for whatever you are looking. The menus on the left side also come off as helpful.

High-quality video streaming

Most of the movies available on the app come in either 1080p or 720p. But sometimes when you fast forward these high-quality movies, they tend to break. So, you might have to restart the page and start it over. If you want to fast forward movies, you can select the lower quality and enjoy your time.


  • 1080p and 720p videos available
  • Easy to use interface
  • Comes with lots of documentaries and independent movies


  • You may face some problems while streaming high-quality movies
  • Can be quite an energy-consuming


Tubi TV ties up with more than 200 partners who help them keep their library updated. Hence, you can always expect the latest content in Tubi Tv no matter what.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows

Straightforward interface

Tubi TV displays it’s featured videos on the first page. And from the top left corner, you can easily access the menu button from where you can pick up a category you want to watch.


Tubi Tv has created a newsfeed but it mostly of no use. They don’t update it most of the time. But it is also a feature so I thought I must include it!


Big Star Movies offer a huge collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies on your Android and iOS devices. It comes without a subscription but if you choose the subscription, you will gain access to higher functions.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows


Big Star Movies does not come with a very great interface but it is still suitable for most of the users.

Premium and free versions

If you subscribe to Big Star Movies for 4.99$ per month, they will provide you with an ad-free streaming experience. You can also stream their huge HD library with that premium subscription. But Netflix is better in this context.


Crackle is free despite the fact that it is Sony Network’s TV streaming service. Hence, for obvious reasons, it comes with great limitations. Crackle is available for both Android and iOS and also, Windows.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • It comes with the great and user-friendly interface
  • The library features various movies from most of the categories
  • You can save your favorite contents
  • Moreover, you can search for another movie while playing one.

These were our top 10 best free movie apps, but you might want to know why, so here are the following reasons

The Best Free Movie Apps

For streaming quality: When you talk about the best streaming quality, then Terrarium TV and Popcorn Time win. They both offer 1080p streaming quality.

Library size: If you want to talk about the library size, then Viewster and Tubi TV are the best ones that offer it. Though every single app on the list comes with a decent library size, these ones are the coolest.

Application size: If you are worried about your device’s disk space, then install Movie HD, Megabox, and Bigstar Movies. These apps take only fewer MBs in your device.

RAM usage: Crackle comes with the lowest RAM usage on the list.

Battery usage: Showbox and Popcorn Time use the lowest percentage of battery on your phone. So, keep them if you are going away without a charger.

Bandwidth usage: Bigstar Movies and Viewster take most time loading content even when it comes to low-quality movies. And SnagFilms takes the most time in loading high-quality movies.

Start-up time: Bigstar Movies offers the fastest experience after being boot up.


Where can I watch free movies?

All of these apps are offering you free movies and you can install any of them to enjoy your free time.

Are these movie streaming apps legit and legal?

Admittedly, there are some movies apps that are legal and not all of them. However, the internet is changing day by day, and to make sure whether or not you are using a legit item, double-check it before installing.

Where to watch new movies online without any cost?

If you don’t want to install an app but still want to watch movies for free, you can use and visit Free Movies 4U. This site is legal and popular too and a great choice for you if you want to watch free movies.

What is the best app for free movies on Android?

Listing names of few good Android apps for free movies: 

• Tubi TV. 

• Cyberflix TV. 

• Vudu. 

• OneBox HD. 

• MovieBox Pro. 

• Crackle. 

• MegaBox HD. 

• Freeflix HQ. 

Where can I watch free movies in 2020?

Other than best free movie apps, here are few sites you can watch 2020 free movies on : 





Is Showbox coming back in 2020? 

May be; Their tweet in recent times suggest it’s going to come back, it might take a long time though. 

What is a better app than Showbox? 

A best alternative for showbox one of the best free movie apps ,that supports almost all platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS etc is KODI. It’s very simple and can be installed within minutes 

Are free movie apps legal? 

There are few movie websites that are illegal. Movie Apps are not illegal though. Those which are illegal are banned by Play store. 

Where can I watch free movies without getting a virus?

The very first one is Pluto TV for which no sign-up is required. The others include YouTube, Vudu, Crackle, Popcornflix.


There is no free app not even the best free movie apps, out there that qualifies as a mini Netflix. But the ones I have included in this list worth the try. Make sure to read the entire review completely before you go to choose one among the list of our best free movie apps.

Happy streaming!

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