How to Use Anonytun PC: Easy Steps for Beginners

Can you download Anonytun PC? Though the application is mainly for smartphone users, you can still use it on your Windows computer. With the right solutions and steps, you can easily install the VPN on your system. We will talk about how to install Anonytun PC on Windows. But how well do you know about this Virtual Private Networks application? Let’s talk in detail.

Anonytun PC

What is Anonytun for Windows?

The Internet is not a safe place that takes care of your security and privacy. To protect yourself and your sensitive data from malicious activities, we all use various tools. Like proper antivirus software, a VPN is also needed to hide your computer’s proxy address.

The Anonytun PC is a VPN application developed by the Art Of the tunnel. It is fast, simple, and feature-rich. Anonytun is available for smartphones, but you can also use it on your computer on a bigger screen. Running it on your desktop or laptop is also simple. You just need a few tips to get going.

What is best about Anonytun PC?

There are many sites on the internet that restrict their domain and as a result, you are unable to surf them. The Anonytun gives you unlimited access to those restricted sites on the internet. At the same time, you are able to access them anonymously. When you are looking for a way to protect your online privacy, go with the Anonytun PC.

And you run it on your device, your connection becomes completely private. No one can see your name, IP address, or device location with it on. The sites that are only available to some locations, you can access those geo-restricted services or sites as well. You don’t have to stay in that particular location to connect with those sites. With Anonytun’s unlimited services, you can do that for free.

Anonytun PC is also very easy to use. Just one click on its Connect button and you are browsing privately anonymously. This easy integration makes it one of the most popular VPN apps out there.

Why Use AnonyTun VPN for PC?

You will find so many straightforward VPN apps on the internet but AnonyTun’s seamless features make it favorite. Here I have shared the best-highlighted features of AnonyTun PC that make it different than other VPN services.

Free of Cost!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Since Anonytun PC comes for free of cost without a hidden charge, everyone is going to pick it. When you search for quality VPN services, it’s hard to get one that is absolutely free. But AnonyTun is different.

Connect with Any Site

It does not matter the website supports your region or not, you can connect with it anytime you want. With Anonytun, you will get pas the geographical restriction and access any site from anywhere anytime.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You may find so many free VPNs but they come with limited bandwidth. However, with Anonytun, you can browse as much as you want without risking anything.

Simple Yet Customized

The best thing about Anonytun is, it is easy to use. You can launch it on your PC and without any hassle, just start using it. It is a great VPN for you if you like simple and powerful things. You can optimize your security settings on it like customizing your proxies, you can choose ports, change HTTP headers, and so on. You can choose servers from various countries in the world. This will help you protect your privacy along with streaming various content across the world.

Reliable Connection

Some VPN services would connect you to your favorite sites but that is not that reliable. Sometimes, these VPNs drop your internet connection and leave you unprotected on the web. And when you use Anonytun on your computer, you won’t have to worry about any server problem or connection drop. With this VPN software, you experience smoother and faster streaming. It also includes no load times or buffering.

A Perfect Choice for Beginners

Anonytun PC is an ideal choice for beginners who are looking for a simple VPN with full of features. Just like it protects your information, it also offers you free access to any site privately.

How to Use Anonytun PC: Easy Steps for Beginners

How to Install AnonyTun for Windows?

Running AnonyTun on your Windows computer is absolutely easy. Though the VPN service was mainly created for Android users, you can follow a few helpful tricks. These tricks will help you launch and run the application on Windows just as smoothly. You just need a functioning Android emulator. An emulator is a tool that makes your computer a suitable place for Android applications. Many gamers use these types of tools to play Android games on their computers. Similarly, these emulators will help you install and use the AnonyTun application on your Windows.

You will just need to figure out which emulator will do that work for you. There are thousands of them out there. And it can turn out hard for you to choose one among them. But there are two emulators that I have personal experience with.

How to Use Anonytun PC: Easy Steps for Beginners

How to Use an Emulator?

An emulator helps you run Android apps on your computer. These emulators create great circumstances for Android apps on your PC. You can run just any application on your computer using these tools. Here I have shared my favorite two emulators so that you get the job done.

Blue stacks:

BlueStacks is the most popular Android emulator out there. It is fast, smooth, and gives you full access to your Android app. You can run the application in full-screen on your computer. You can also customize your keyboard layouts with it. You can run games with it and apps like Anonytun too. Its free version comes with some ads and stuff but that won’t generally trouble your experiences with the emulator.

  1. Download BlueStacks from their official website
  2. Install the emulator on your computer
  3. Launch the emulator
  4. Sign in to your Google account
  5. Go to the Playstore
  6. Search for AnonyTun
  7. Install it and run the VPN inside of the emulator.

Nox Player:

Nox Player is another popular emulator. Though it does not come with as many features as the previous one I stated about, it still works. When you are running Nox Player, you don’t have to worry about complications. Like BlueStacks, you can customize your keyboard. But it has no ads, so that’s a relief.

  1. Download Nox Player from its official website
  2. Install and launch the tool on your PC
  3. Inside Nox, sign in to your Google Play account
  4. Go to Playstore and search for AnonyTun
  5. Download the app and use it!

Last Words

That’s all you need to know about the AnonyTun app on PC. After using these emulators, you can run it smoothly as well. But if you need my help in the process, just comment down below.

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